Will need some time to put wrongdoers inside: PM

Will need some time to put wrongdoers inside: PM

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New Delhi, Mar 31: Prime Minister Narendra Modi in his campaign 'Main Bhi Chowkidar' on Sunday said those who have looted the nation, will have to return every single penny and his government will need some more time to put the wrongdoers behind bars.
'From 2014, I took the corrupt people till the jail's doorsteps. Now somebody is on bail, somebody is running here and there in a bid to seek bail. ....I will need some more time to put them inside," Mr Modi said interacting with the BJP workers from across the country through a special video programme in indirect reference to the fugitive liquor baron Vijay Mallya and Robert Vadra, brother-in-law of Congress President Rahul Gandhi.
In reference to fugitive businessman Vijay Mallya, Prime Minister said some people in foreign courts say that the condition of Indian jails is not so good, we can't stay there. "To them my answer is that Britishers kept our Father of the nation Mahatma Gandhi in these jails, I cannot provide a jail better than that to you.'
Asked by a first time voter from Itanagar in Arunachal Pradesh about the priorities of his government if elected to power, he said firm steps will be taken to curb the corruption menace.
".....I have taken some people at jail's doorsteps, but to put them inside, I will need some more time," he said seeking people's mandate.
He also said eradicating corruption will go a long way in making India a developed nation in near future.
Mr Modi maintained that last five years saw steep fall in corruption as "Earlier we used to get news that cash recovered from some one's house but now transparency is there".
"The number of taxpayers has also doubled,' Mr Modi added.
There should be a healthy environment for honesty and honest people, Prime Minister said adding - "we encouraged such people. During the Budget, we even thanked our tax payers on the floor of Parliament. For me taxpayer are playing their role by paying tax for fulfilling poor people's needs".
An affirmative Mr Modi said, 'Those who are doing wrong, should not get spared.'
'Once corruption at the higher level stops, corruption at every level will ultimately ends," Mr Modi said, and promised that the corrupt will not be spared at any cost.
The event was attended by party national President Amit Shah in Chandni Chowk, Union Minister Rajnath Singh in East Delhi, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath in Uttar Pradesh, Chief Minister
Devendra Fadnavis in Maharashtra, among others.
Interacting with party workers and supporters, Prime Minister said he could take the vital decision because he cared for 130 crore people and had 'faith' in country's armed forces.
"I knew the armed forces are disciplined, so when we gave freehand, I knew of the results too," the Prime Minister said.
Mr Modi said - "It was a well known fact that who controlled the terrorist forces in Pakistan. So, we decided that the playground will be where the camps existed".
He also said, Pakistan has been now put in an embarrassment situation and they are trying to give a new shape to the locations which were hit by Indian Air Force attack on February 26.
"They (Pakistan) are trying to renovate the areas.....trying to give an impression that mere schools existed there. But it will be difficult for Pakistan to do so as the world knows that Pakistan is the epicentre of terror," the Prime Minister said.
"They have been saying that there are no terror camps. Now they have to hide it. They are not allowing anybody to go there. We've been told Balakot area is being reconstructed by Pakistan to show that a school is being run there, so that people can be taken there and shown that no terror camp existed there," he said.
Those abusing his government on Balakot air strikes are helping Pakistan with their statements, he said.
Prime Minister also said the Mission Shakti - that has made India a space power - had "nothing to do with elections".
The US, Russia and China did their tests openly, why should India hide it, he said.