Tharoor says sarcastic comment was on himself

Tharoor says sarcastic comment was on himself

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Thiruvananthapuram, Mar 31: Referring to a tweet which kicked up a row, Congress-United Democratic Front (UDF) candidate Shashi Tharoor has clarified that it was a sarcastic comment on himself.

Earlier, Tharoor, who tweeted after visiting Connemara fish market, said "found a lot of enthusiasm at the fish market, even for a squeamishly vegetarian MP!."

This tweet courted a controversy as both BJP and LDF candidates termed it as an insult on fishermen community.

They alleged that Tharoor used an ornamental word to convey his disgust on the smell and odour at the fish market.

Reacting to the criticism, Tharoor on Saturday said Kerala Left politicians are not able to understand his English and advised them to refer the dictionary 'Olam.'

In another tweet, Tharoor said "Deeply touched that the fisherwomen of Puthiyathura pooled their own earnings and handed me a donation towards my election deposit. I will treasure this contribution made by your blood, sweat and tears, and fight for your rights all the way to Parliament."

"A video snippet of the rally that the fishing community and @IYCKerala put together for me this evening. All the lies peddled by the LDF and BJP cannot come between me and Thiruvananthapuram's fisherfolk - our bonds are deep and our resolve to defeat untruth is strong," he said.

"Overwhelmed by the love of the fishing community in Puthiyathura, which gave me the most rousing reception I have had in recent times. Humbled to stand on the shoulders of my coastal constituents, and I've no doubt they will lift me to victory!!," he added. (UNI)