Pakistan got fitting reply for terror attacks by Modi govt, where UPA had totally failed: Krishna

Pakistan got fitting reply for terror attacks by Modi govt, where UPA had totally failed: Krishna

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Bengaluru, Mar 31 : Former External Affairs Minister S M Krishna today said that the Narendra Modi led NDA government had strongly rebutted Pakistan for aiding terror acts it supported targeting India that forced the neighbour learn a hard lesson, while such action was lacking during the UPA government led by Congress rule in the country.
Speaking at an election meeting in support of Union Minister D V Sadananda Gowda who is seeking his third term in Bengaluru North Lok Sabha segment, the former Chief Minister said that Pakistan had thought that it can get away with helping terror outfits to attack the country like that happened on Mumbai.
Bengaluru North is among 14 LS seats that goes to polls on April 18. Polling.
‘’It (Pakistan) thought it could kill hundreds of people and the Indian government will not retaliate like UPA government did under its two terms in regime. But Modi, who came to assume the post of Prime Minister from Gujarat made the difference. Now the people have realised the importance of a strong leadership the country needs. This is evidenced by the five year rule of NDA government. If Indian citizens or its security personnel are troubled, our government will not now keep quiet and Modi proved this factor,’’ he added.
Krishna said the past five years rule by NDA had impressed people and they were in favour of re-electing this combine. ‘’People now think not for just for next five years, for the next 10 years this combine should continue in power.’’
Hitting out at the dynasty rule, he said he always opposed it and continue to do it. ‘’Even if the leaders of a dynasty has no qualification to rule, a family think that its next generation should lead the party and the nation. But people will not believe in this concept,’’ he said in an indirect attack on the Gandhi family.
Mr Krishna, who joined BJP and is now actively campaigning for BJP candidates despite advancing age, said if one reflect on how India progressed during the last five years, he was pleased with the BJP government’s performance.
‘’The Nation needed a strong leader and a Prime Minister, unlike what UPA offered during its two terms. Modi came from Gujarat and until then the people had not realised what a strong Prime Minister can be to lead India’s modern destiny. He thinks in terms of the country being his family. This is in contrast of others planning a coalition government post 2019 polls think,’’ he added.
The veteran BJP leader said before Modi becoming the Prime Minister, the nation was riddled with many scams. But the people thought before 2014, they need a strong leadership. It came to an end after Modi provided a transparent government at the Centre.
Recollecting when the Congress party lost majority in Karnataka during 2004, when he was the Chief Minister, Mr Krishna said the party dispatched him as the Governor of Maharashtra as it did not want him to continue at the helm despite he did good work.
‘’Unknown hands sent me out of Karnataka then. But what happened next it is for the people to decide,’’ he said.
After Congress government lost election in 2004, the party formed a coalition government with JD(S) which was short-lived.