PM should apologise for comparing opposition to liquor, making fun of ‘NYAY’ scheme: Cong

PM should apologise for comparing opposition to liquor, making fun of ‘NYAY’ scheme: Cong

Agency News

New Delhi, Mar 28 : Reacting to Prime Minister Narendra Modi taking the ‘SARAB’ swipe at the opposition alliance in Uttar Pradesh, the Congress on Thursday said that the PM should apologise for using such words and for making fun of the ‘NYAY’ (minimum income guarantee) scheme proposed by party president Rahul Gandhi.

Addressing reporters here, AICC media incharge Randeep Surjewala accused PM Modi of "theatrics and drama" in the name of campaigning.

He further added that PM Modi owes Congress and other opposition parties an apology for all the offensive and false statements he made against them.

,’’The Prime Minister has taken the political discourse to a new low. He should apologise for comparing the opposition parties with liquor.

He should also apologise for making fun of the NYAY scheme, which is meant to benefit the poorest 20 percent people in the country. By making fun of the scheme he has insulted the poor people in the country.’’

Mr Surjewala said that the NYAY scheme announced by the Congress president, under which the poorest 20 per cent families of the country will be given Rs 72000 per annum , was finding resonance among the people of the country.

‘’NYAY is finding resonance everywhere. The scheme is finding resonance among alliances of the Congress. It is also finding resonance among the allies of the Government,’’Mr Surjewala said.

Addressing a rally at Meerut, the PM, referring to the NYAY scheme proposed by the Congress president, said,’’ from Nehru and Indira Gandhi's time you hear them talk about Gareebi hatao, even today, after generations have passed, you see the Congress still make the same false promises to mislead you. Though there is a lot still to be done, we have taken few initiatives to eradicate poverty and have already implemented them. More needs to be done, but at least now you know who has done and who have mislead you in the past..’’

Taking a swipe at the NYAY scheme, the PM said,’’people who couldn't open bank accounts are now saying that they will directly transfer money to the poor, what will they possibly do?" The PM said the 2019 election is the fight between dumdaar BJP and daagdaar opposition. (UNI)