‘Chuddies’ in Oxford dictionary list

‘Chuddies’ in Oxford dictionary list


The word ‘Chuddies’ common in Indian parlance meaning undergarment is one of the 650 words added to the Oxford English Dictionary [OED] list this quarter. The list was announced on March 18.

The entry for chuddies cites usage dating back to 1885, but the OED website makes clear that its addition has more to do with the usage in the popular British television and radio comedy Goodness Gracious Me.

‘Our coverage of British Indian usage gets an update with the addition of the dismissive kiss my chuddies (underpants, popularized as a catchphrase by actor and writer Sanjeev Bhaskar playing one half of the teenage duo known as the Bhangra Muffins in the 1990s BBC comedy sketch show Goodness Gracious Me’ the post said.

Other words in the list include ‘sitooterie’- a Scottish usage meaning a secluded alcove but now used mainly for an outdoor feature with the same use, like a gazebo.

Yet another Scottish word is ‘bide-in’- a person living with someone in a non marital romantic relationship which the OED blog notes is less ambiguous than partner and more grown up than girlfriend/ boyfriend.

Some other words in the list are: ‘Exomoon’- a satellite orbiting a planet in other solar systems; ‘hir’- a gender neutral pronoun or possessive adjective; ‘presser’- for press conference.