Modi to address 25 lakh Chowkidars, common people across India via audio bridge

Agency News

New Delhi, Mar 19: In an unusual but a substantial outreach programme, Prime Minister Narendra Modi will address 25 lakh Chowkidars and also ordinary people from all walks of life across the country via an audio bridge on Wednesday as part of the Holi festival programme.

This is a part of a series of initiatives under the much talked about 'Main Bhi Chowkidaar' outreach programme, party's media in charge Anil Baluni announced here on Tuesday.

"Prime Minister Modi seeks to bring common man of the country from behind the scenes to the vanguard of a New India," a party release said adding people from every spectrum of the society are continuously joining the mass movement 'MainBhiChowkidar' - which was unveiled by Mr Modi on Saturday.

In this series, on March 31, Prime Minister will interact with common people and Chowkidars in almost 500 locations of the country via video conferencing.

"The outreach program, which is already turning into a mass movement, is aimed at the common man of the country who silently works in the background and as such, is one of the invisible pillars of the country," Mr Baluni said.

He said ever since the launch of the campaign on the social media, this had been trending worldwide throughout the first day of launch.

It was trending continuously for two days in India. More than 20 lakh people tweeted with the hashtag #MainBhiCahwkidar within three days.

It has got up to 1680 crore impression. Nearly one crore people pledged for this campaign through social media and Namo App.

Around one crore people watched campaign video on various social media platforms. The people from different spectrum of society are connecting with this mass movement, he said.

Mr Baluni said - "A chowkidar is one of the most prominent examples of such people – someone you see everyday without fail, whether it be your society guard, the ATM guard, your office guard or the security man in a mall. Prime Minister seeks to bring these common man from behind the scenes to the vanguard of a New India."

The 2019 parliamentary elections are set be a big time war on social media - at least from BJP's perspective - and none other than party's publicity committee chairman and articulate Arun Jaitley is leading the charge.

In a video message on Twitter and Facebook, Mr Jaitley lashed out at "so called" 108 economists for issuing a statement questioning the authenticity of the official data

Another Union Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad made opportune use of a media briefing at party headquarters and said 'MainBhiChowkidar' campaign had to be launched because in the past the country's image had taken a 'beating' under Congress-led UPA on the issue of corruption.

Mr Prasad also said - "Those who are on bail are opposing it. Those whose family and their properties are under investigation are opposing it.....Those who have a lot to hide are opposing it". (UNI)