Rahul’s ‘fake’ issues will bring in disastrous outcome for Oppn: Jaitley

Rahul’s ‘fake’ issues will bring in disastrous outcome for Oppn: Jaitley

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New Delhi, Mar 16 : In the run-up to the general elections, Finance Minister Arun Jaitley on Saturday cautioned Opposition parties from pursuing the politics of 'fake and manufactured issues' and said the Indian voters have 'punished those who resort to falsehood'.

'Rahul Gandhi has led not only his party but the entire Opposition to rely on fake and manufactured issues', he said in a series of tweets lampooning at Congress president's repeated utterances on issues like Rafale, joblessness and agrarian crisis.

He said the opposition parties have raised only 'fake issues' -- Rafale, Balakot, Judge Loya’s death, Bank loan waiver, JNU issues, EVM, GST, demonetisation or Nirav Modi & Vijay Mallya, or be it Special Status for Andhra Pradesh, or the issues of economy.

All these, he said, are manufactured issues and wrote that - 'They raise fake issues, create an echo effect and then believe their falsehood to be true. It’s time that they come out of the cocoon of falsehood or perish there.'

'Indian voters have a huge potential to distinguish between truth and falsehood & prefer fairness. Political leaders are over-confident of their wisdom. Little do they realise that the electorate is wiser than them. Voters are capable of punishing those who resort to falsehood,' he said.

Mr Jaitley, who is the chairman of BJP publicity committee for the election, said, 'The overconfidence of opposition leaders undermining electorates’ wisdom will not go unpunished in the 2019 elections.

'If fake issues are taken out of Rahul Gandhi’s speech, nothing will perhaps be left. The Opposition underestimates the wisdom of the electorate. I am confident that the electorate will also underestimate India’s Opposition parties and show them their place.'

He maintained that it was a fair tribute to the performance of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Government that Opposition, after five years, has no real issue against the Government. The Government is contesting on a pro-incumbency platform built on its performance & Opposition is in a state of panic.

Meanwhile in a blog, Mr Jaitley countered the Opposition charge that the demonetisation was a failure.

On the contrary, he argued, 'Demonetisation caused hard sleep only on the holders of black money. Demonetisation helped in formalising the economy. It compelled anonymous owners of cash to deposit the money in the bank and account for the same pay taxes. It helped in formalising India’s economy, increasing India’s tax base. It hastened the digitisation of the Indian economy. India today collects more taxes at lower rates and uses them for the benefit of the poor. '