Smriti alleges Rahul’s ‘commercial interest’ for opposing Rafale

Smriti alleges Rahul’s ‘commercial interest’ for opposing Rafale

Agency News

New Delhi, Mar 13: Stating that a 'commercial relationship' existed between Sanjay Bhandari and Robert Vadra, BJP leader and Union Minister Smriti Irani on Wednesday said the new facts show there is also a relationship between arms dealer Bhandari and Congress president Rahul Gandhi.

At a media conference at party headquarters here, she said it is such commercial and family interest that is making Congress president taking different stance on country's defence preparedness.

These references come at a time when Congress has renewed attack on Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Rafale deal. 'One presumed a commercial relation existed between Vadra and Sanjay Bhandari but the new facts clearly establishes a relationship between Rahul Gandhi and arms dealer Sanjay Bhandari,' Ms Irani said.

Hence, she said, the nation has come to a conclusion that 'Rahul Gandhi's intervention in defence preparedness stems from his pursuit not only from individual politics but his personal commercial interest, his personal family interest'.

She said Mr Gandhi needs to answer 'what is the special commercial relationship he shares with arms dealer Bhandari and others'.

'Why is it that the land which is owned and purchased by Rahul Gandhi, is funded by an arms dealer,' she said.

Answering questions, she said there have been reports earlier of Rahul Gandhi meeting Eurofighter executives and it seems 'Rahul Gandhi had personal interest for the same'.

In this context, she also raised political questions and said all the Opposition parties and alliance partners of Congress should clarify their stand whether they approve of the 'family nexus of corruption'.

'Institutionalising corruption is essence and ethos of the Congress. There is a family package of corruption emanating from Vadra-Gandhi family nexus,' she said. (UNI)