Pakistan will be judged internationally not merely by words, but actions: India

Agency News

New Delhi, Mar 9 : The international community and the government of India are well aware of lack of seriousness on the part of Pakistan to hold on to their commitment to fight terror menace and hence now Pakistan will be judged mot merely by words but by the actions they take.

"This (lack of seriousness) has been proved over last so many years. If you look at the reactions, coming out of Pakistan during previous terrorists attacks, you will see a very similar pattern. Now, Pakistan will be judged not by the words which they speak, but by the actions they take" MEA spokesman Raveesh Kumar told reporters here.

On reports about Pakistan authorities denying access to western media journalists visiting Balakot, he said - "The fact that Pakistan has now refused access to journalists from visiting the site means that they have plenty to hide. "So the initial offer (they made), everything is open, please come and visit - that has disappeared," he said.

As regard Indian attack on February 26, he said New Delhi is absolutely confident that the strike on Balakot camps has been "successful".

".....we achieved the desired objectives".

To a question whether India expects Pakistan to handover Hafiz Saeed and Masood Azhar, MEA spokesman said, a media conference will not be proper platform to spell out each and every actions, New Delhi is expecting Islamabad to deliver.

"Pakistan is well aware of its commitment. They are also aware of the concrete actions they are supposed to take. This is not a forum to deal with each and every actions they should do to take care of the legitimate concerns of international community and India," Mr Kumar said.

"They are aware about what they are expected to do," he remarked.

He said - "It is regrettable that Pakistan is still continuing to deny Jaish-e-Mohammad's own claim of taking the ownership of Pulwama attack".

"The proof of actions (from Pak) is not in issuing statements or notification in the gazette. But it is in the dismantling of actual infrastructures of terror," he said.

These actions should be "on the ground" and also ought to be "verified"."I am sure Pakistan is well aware of its commitments and the concrete actions it has to undertake," Mr Kumar said.

Answering questions, MEA spokesman said Indian Air Force has achieved its target vis-a-vis February 26 areial strike at Balakot in Pakistan in terms of destroying the terror camps.

However, despite a volley of questions - he declined into a debate on numbers or how many terrorists have been killed during aerial strike.

"Pakistan should explain why it continues to deny that its F-16 aircraft has been shot down (by Wing Commander Abhinandan)," he said.

"We have asked United States to examine if the use of F16 against India by Pakistan is according to their terms and conditions of its sale," he said.

"We have also shared evidence in the form of parts of AMRAAM missile which were recovered from the site and were only carried by F-16 aircraft of the PAF," he said.

India's non-military strike has "demonstrated our firm resolve to take decisive action" against cross border terrorism," he said.

He repeated that only one MiG 21 Bison aircraft was lost by India during Pakistan's misadventure at targeting Indian military installations in the northern sector on February 27 - a day after India carried out aerial strike at Balakot terror camp.

He said Pakistan-based terror groups were conducting their activities without any hindrance.

The MEA spokesman maintained there has been hardly any credible action taken by Pakistan yet against terror infrastructures.

".....If Pakistan claims to be ‘Naya Pakistan’, it should display ‘Naya Action’ against terror groups on its soil," he said. (UNI)