Nirav Modi confronted by UK journalist  in London

Nirav Modi confronted by UK journalist in London


Kicking up another controversy, UK-based Newspaper Telegraph’s reporter spotted billionaire diamond tycoon Nirav Modi in London.

The reporter said that the most wanted diamantaire was roaming freely in London. “Nirva Modi now lives in an 8 million pound apartment in London’s West End and is now involved in a new diamond business,” Telegraph report said.

Found freely roaming on London streets, Nirav Modi has changed his looks and cannot be easily recognized, report said. When asked whether he has urged Britain to grant him asylum, Nirav Modi says "no comments".

As per the report, rent of the three-bedroom flat, occupying half of a floor of the landmark Centre Point tower block is estimated to cost £17,000/month or Rs 15 lakh.

The UK daily has also released a video of Nirav Modi walking freely on the streets of London. Sporting a handle-bar moustache, wearing an Ostrich Hide jacket, estimated to cost 10,000 pounds, Nirav Modi is no longer bald.