SAD demands inquiry into misuse of state funds for Congress Moga rally

SAD demands inquiry into misuse of state funds for Congress Moga rally

Agency News

Chandigarh, Mar 8 : The Shiromani Akali Dal (SAD) today asked the Punjab government to order an immediate inquiry into how State funds were used to host a political rally of the Congress party in Moga yesterday and demanded immediate restoration of the funds into the government treasury.

SAD senior vice president Dr Daljit Singh Cheema, in a letter to the Chief Secretary, said the State treasury could not be allowed to be looted in this manner and demanded immediate corrective actions be taken to restore public faith in the government.

The letter, a copy of which has also been sent to the Central Election Commission and also the State Election Commission, has also asked Chief Secretary Karan Avtar Singh to hold an immediate inquiry into the incident and also take action against officials who had allowed a political rally to be held by the Congress party in Moga in the garb of a debt waiver function.

Dr Cheema said the Congress party banners at the site, which spoke about Mission – 13 as well political speeches, which were aimed at soliciting votes for the party in the forthcoming parliamentary elections, made it clear that this was not a government rally but a Congress election rally.

He said this was not all. The Youth Congress plastered posters across the rally site with derogatory references to Prime Minister Narendra Modi. He said a State government function could not insult the office of the Prime Minister. “An inquiry should be ordered into this and due action should be taken”, he added.

As per the letter, the state government first asked the Moga district administration to pay farmers for premature clearance of 100 acres of wheat crop for the rally site. He said state funds were also used for erecting the stage as well as rally site, for food, transport arrangements and entertainment charges. “This is a cruel joke on the farming community as well as other sections of society which could have been given the same relief to ease their misery”.

Dr Cheema also condemned the manner in which farmers were called for distribution of cheques to them but were made to sit for hours to listen to political speeches. Besides asking the Chief Secretary to give directions that the Congress party return the money spent by the state immediately, he said instructions should also be passed so that in future also State funds were not spent on political rallies of the Congress party. (UNI)