Divyang’s need more than a title: Volunteers

Divyang’s need more than a title: Volunteers

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New Delhi, Mar 8 : While lauding Modi government for taking initiatives to improve life of disabled (Divyang), the community feels much more is still to be done for their overall upliftment.

“The governments in the past have made schemes for improving the lives of the specially-challenged people but most of them were restricted to the files and never reached to the surface,” Amit Kumar, president of Bhartiya Divyang Sangathan said.

While speaking in an event at Press Club of India in National Capital on Thursday, Mr Kumar said that the title ‘Divyang’ has certainly given them some respect but people with disabilities are not treated equally in society and a lot is to be done to change the perception of the society towards them.

He said that the disabled performs better than the normal as God gifts them an extra sense or strength when some part of their body gets dysfunctional.

For social security, the organisation demanded pension for Divyang depending upon the degree of disability. In jobs, they demanded that Divyang must be hired at the government and private jobs which are suited for them. The seats vacated by a Divyang must be awarded to the skilled Divyang candidate.

Stressing on education, the organisation appealed for free education from primary to graduation. They also asked for free transport and medical facilities and concession on air travels.

Moreover, the group batted for footprints in nation’s polity. “Every political party must reserve two seats to the Diyang people while distributing election tickets so that the disable get representation in the legislation as well.”

The president of the organisation lauded Prime Minister Narendra Modi efforts for the community. To mention a few, Mr Kumar said they are getting technical aids like electronic sticks for the blind, hearing equipment for the deaf, study materials in Braille, smartphones, acupressure machines, and motor vehicles. But a lot still needs to be done to improve the lives of the people with physical disabilities.

As per 2011 census, there were around three crore people in the country with physical disabilities and around 12 crore family members dependent on Divyangs. Ira Singhal was India's first physically challenged woman to top the country's prestigious civil services examination in 2016.

"Having a disability was never an excuse in my family. I had to set targets just like anybody else would. I've learned that more than anybody else, it is necessary for you to believe in yourself. Thence, there is no stopping you." said officer Singhal. UNI