Air strikes targeted only terrorist camps: Defence Minister

Air strikes targeted only terrorist camps: Defence Minister

Agency News

Mysuru, Mar 7 : Defence Minister Nirmala Sitharaman, justifying the air strikes by India against terror camps across the border in Pakistan following the Pulwama suicidal attack, said it was not an aggression against any country but only on terror groups.

After releasing the book ‘Facets of Terrorism in India’ written by retired Intelligence Bureau officer RN Kulkarni in Mysuru on Wednesday night, she said the strikes were aimed at targeting only the nerve centre where terrorists were trained and sent to India and it was hailed by countries across the world.

However, Sitharaman was critical of the Opposition parties for questioning the government’s actions.

Arguing that terror groups striking the country were supported by the Pakistan Army, the Defence Minister said state-sponsored terrorism by Pakistan against India dates back to 1947 when the country attained Independence.

She accused the Pakistan Army of “regularly using non-regulars” to propagate terror. “These non-regulars, who are now called non-state actors, are not recruited into the army, but the army uses them to propagate terror,” she alleged.

Seeking to highlight the seriousness of the “state-sponsored” terrorism India is facing, Ms. Sitharaman said the extent to which one has to deal with these terrorists is as good as dealing with an organised army, which provides them resources and support.

Whenever such terror attacks take place, Ms. Sitharaman said, Pakistan asked for evidence. When proof was provided, they claim it is not good enough. “Clearly, their intention is to not act,” the Defence Minister added.