Cong abused Art 356 repeatedly, victimised even DMK: PM

Cong abused Art 356 repeatedly, victimised even DMK: PM

Agency News

Chennai, Mar 6: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday came down heavily on the Opposition Congress and said it had imposed Article 356 many many times and 50 governments were dismissed during the tenure of (former Prime Minister) Indira Gandhi.

“If there is one party that has abused Article 356 again and again, it is Congress,” he said at a massive election rally of the BJP-led NDA, in which leaders of alliance partners shared the dais.

“If the dynasty did not like a leader, that state government was dismissed,” he added.

“Even the DMK (now an ally of the Congress) has been the victim of Congress hatred for regional aspirations.”

In an apparent reference to DMK's alliance with the Congress, Modi said 'for DMK opportunism has prevailed over values'.

Referring to the late Congress leader K Kamaraj, Modi said he was insulted again and again for challenging the dictatorship of one family.

“What was Kamaraj Ji’s crime? His crime was that he spoke for the people and for democracy,” he said.

Kamaraj challenged the corrupt and dictator-like practices of one family. Because of that, he was insulted again and again. Congress has also insulted strong regional leaders.

The people of Tamil Nadu would never forget how one family insulted Kamaraj, he said.

Referring to the Opposition doubting the armed forces on the recent IAF strikes at Balakot after the Pulwama Terror attack, Mr Modi they were guided by politics and self-interest and did not want a strong India or strong armed forces.

“The careless conduct of the opposition on National Security is very well known. Guided by politics and selfish interests, they neither want a strong India nor strong armed forces,” he added.

Reiterating that the Opposition alliance, which had vowed to defeat him in the polls, as 'adulterated', Modi said the people of Tamil Nadu and India deserved to know the aim, agenda and leadership of the Maha-Milawat or adulteration alliance.

'These parties that are coming together only to stop Modi. They should clearly state their plan for taking the nation forward', Mr Modi said.

Stating that the NDA's track record was known to all, Modi said it was committed to the welfare of the poor, remained futuristic when it comes to creating next-gen infrastructure and protect the welfare of the farmers.

“Our priorities are India First...put people first', the Prime Minister said, adding, 'in the last four and a half years, a lot has been done and with the people’s blessings we want to do a lot more.”(UNI)