Was Rajiv Gandhi’s death an assassination or accident asks Gen VK Singh

Was Rajiv Gandhi’s death an assassination or accident asks Gen VK Singh

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Ranchi, Mar 5 : Union Minister of State for External Affairs General VK Singh today hit back on senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh and asked him to reply whether Rajiv Gandhi's death was an assassination or accident.

Replying to the queries of the journalists during a press conference held at the state BJP headquarters here he said that the former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister should first answer weather Rajiv Gandhi was assassinated or he died in an accident.

"You call a terrorist attack an attack. With all due respect to Mr Digvijay Singh I want to ask him was Rajiv Gandhi's death an accident or assassination. You give answer to this question then we will also answer to all your questions," he said after being pointed to the tweets of the senior Congress leader who had raised questions on the credibility of the air strike and also sought to know the numbers of terrorist who were killed in the Balakot air strikes.

When probed further on the number of casualties in the air strikes he said that those who are demanding the numbers they should be sent to the spot and there they should do the head count. He said that putting out numbers was not a game of 'Kanchas' where one makes claims of hitting one or two but rather it is a very serious matter.

"Has any proof of any army action given in the last 70 years," he said, adding that all those who are talking about the numbers are making baseless noise and their real intention was to divert the real issue.

General Singh said that when there is attack on the nation then all should unite and speak in one voice than only the impact would be visible. He said that the enemy will try to make sure that all do not come together and speak in one voice.

"Initially I had thought that all were speaking in one voice but some of them started making the 'Besura-raag' thinking of the upcoming elections," he said.

The former Chief of the Army Staff said that Balakot airstrike shows that the nation has taken a decisive step in its fight against terrorism and it was a reflection of the fact that India was willing to go to any extent in its fight against terrorism. When questioned as to how BJP national president Amit Shah came up with the figure of 250 deaths in the air strike, he defended Mr Shah stating that the numbers are based on estimates made on intelligence gathering. "Mr Shah is not saying about confirm numbers and it was just an estimate," he said.

He said that if nothing had happened in Balakot than why Pakistan Airforce tried to hit India's millitary establishments. He said that if one would make an analysis it would be clear that they wanted to show to the world that they were attacking on 'so called Indian occupied Kashmir'. He pointed that since no damage was caused to the Indian side it was also a reflection of the talent and capacity of the Pakistan Airforce. (UNI)