Imran’s credibility at stake, Pak misleading own population with fake news: Sources

Imran’s credibility at stake, Pak misleading own population with fake news: Sources

Agency News

New Delhi, Mar 5 : Post-Pulwama and aerial strike by India, the strategic and diplomatic developments suggest the credibility of cricketer-turned-politician Imran Khan is at stake and the desperation on the part of Pakistani authorities are well reflected in Islamabad indulging in repeated spread of falsehood and fake news, a key Indian government source said here.

The source outright on Tuesday brushed aside Pakistani claim that Indian Sukhoi jets were downed and submarines have been 'chased away' and said many ongoing things can make one believe that "Imran Khan is himself perhaps not in the know of things".

"If you compare the two videos that Pakistan is putting out (on Indian submarines)... they are identical. If you go to the Youtube you will find exact picture of submarine of November 18, 2016. The only difference is they have changed the time line below," the source said.

"We can only say all this is done to keep their population deluded that India might do something against them.....The idea is to keep Pak population in a heightened sense of fear," the source maintained.

In this context, the source said Pakistan Prime Minister himself claimed on February 27 that 'two Indian aircraft' were downed and they have not able to produce any photographs.

"Some body has to question on that, and why Pakistani media is not doing that," the source wondered. "We (India) are not in their vicinity, Pakistan is doing this to divert attention".

Contrary to its claim of ushering in 'Naya Pakistan', the Imran Khan regime has not able to do the needful to fight terror menace. "There is a constant discrepancy between what the Pakistani government is saying and what they are doing.....," the source said adding even the stance taken by Pak envoy to the US is in contradiction to what Pakistan government has said about terrorist groups.

"Contrary to their claims that actions are being against certain groups including JuD and one Insaniyat Foundation, what they have done is these groups are only in watch list and not banned list," the source said.

"At the moment the intention of Pakistan government is to simply pretend before international community that they are taking steps," the source said. In this context, the source maintained India is pursuing the UNSC members and others and trying to convince them that Pakistan has been only giving lip service and not taking adequate steps against terror.

The idea is also to ensure Pakistani population does not ask any "awkward question" on the government and the forces have done themselves. The source also maintained that if what Pakistani media and army said are correct and Balakot terror camp has not been 'destroyed' - "why are Pakistani media not taken to the site even after seven days". (UNI)