Aerial strike achieved ‘target’, IAF does not count bodies: Dhanoa

Aerial strike achieved ‘target’, IAF does not count bodies: Dhanoa


New Delhi/Coimbatore, Mar 4: The Indian Air Force attack on Balakot in Pakistan was well-planned executed and it hit the target, the Jaish-e Mohammed camp, Chief of Air Staff, Air Marshal Birender Singh Dhanoa asserted on Monday.

Talking to reporters at Sulut Air Force Station on the outskirts of Coimbatore, Air Marshal Dhanoa said the air force job was to hit the target.” It does not calculate casualties. The Government does that”.

Elaborating, he said: “If we plan to hit a target, we will hit. And we managed to hit. Why should the Pakistan Prime Minister have responded if we had dropped bombs in the jungles?”

On the use of the Mig 21 Bisons to scramble more advanced Pakistan’s F16s when they crossed out border, Air Marshal said:”When an adversary strikes without notice, every available aircraft of the IAF responds and all are capable of fighting the enemy”.

He also said MiG 21 Bison, which Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman flew to shoot down an intruding F16 plane, was an upgraded capable fighter jet.”It has better radar, air to air missiles and better weapon systems”.

On Abhinandan, who ejected from his plane after being hit and landed on the Pakistan side and was taken prisoner, Air Marshal Dhanoa said he had suffered a back injury. Upon his release, he is now undergoing treatment at an IAF referral hospital in New Delhi.

Dhanoa said:” Post-ejection, he has undergone medical tests and whatever treatment required is being given to him. Whether he can fly again will on the medical tests . If he is certified medical fit, he can get into fighter cockpit”.