Modi hits out at Gandhis in their bastion, Amethi

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Amethi, Mar 3: Claiming that Amethi shines as a true example of BJP government's slogan of "Saabka Saath , Saabka Vikas, " Prime minister Narendra Modi on Sunday attacked the Gandhi family for neglecting the region and giving fake assurances to the people of Congress President Rahul Gandhi's bastion.

"One family is solely responsible for the backwardness of Amethi as they have launched development projects for their own vested interest and one glaring example was a cycle factory , whose land was transferred to a trust run by the family ," the PM said without taking any names.

In Amethi , PM in an apparent reference to Rahul Gandhi commented," Some people keep giving "made in..", speeches, but Modi walks the talk. We have made "Made in Amethi" a reality. This factory should have come into being eight to nine years back. But the full potential of the initiative was never realised."

" Saab ka saath and sab ka vikas is our mantra. Those who voted for us and even who did not, everyone belongs to us. After five years, I humbly say that Smriti Irani is a new face to the people in Amethi, but your love has made us popular and helped Smriti Irani to develop Amethi on a large scale," he claimed while adding that those who voted for us and those who didn’t, they are all our people.Smriti Irani was your candidate. Though we could not win, but we won your hearts."

Addressing a public meeting after dedicating the Ordinance unit which will manufacture world's best assault rifle AK-203 and launching development projects worth over Rs 538 crores here at Korba on Sunday, Mr Modi alleged that land was taken for food park. But no industries came up. Land was transferred in their name through back door." Houses given to Dalits in 2008 started crumbling"Mr Modi charged.

"They sat on Rafale deal for years. Now they do not want to see the deal through eyeing their benefit. But the first Rafale jet will be in Indian skies soon," he said while alleging that they wanted their share in the deal and hence was obstructing it."

" They sat on Rafale for years. We are trying to bring in the jets and some people are trying to object to the purchase. Supreme Court too is supporting the government's decision on the Rafale deal, "PM said .

The PM said ," Wasn’t it unfair not to provide latest weapons to our forces? That government did not bother about our armed forces. People should be reminded how the government delayed acquisition of bulletproof jackets for our forces. Who were these people who delayed production of weapons and acquisition of bulletproof jackets."

Claiming that now Amethi will get an international recognition when our forces will use rifles made in Amethi, he said this work should have started eight-nine years ago." Our forces had then made a request to the government mentioning their needs. This was the reason this factory was sanctioned and stood idle . Those who cannot do this much, how can someone trust them? They could not even decide on the arms to be manufactured here. They could not decide upon the land to be allotted," PM said.

Mr Modi thanked Russian President Vladimir Putin for this joint venture. " This could be possible in very short time due to him. Also thank Russian friends associated with the project. Some people roam all over the world and then in rallies, say ‘Made in Ujjain, Made in Indore’, among others. But we have made ‘Made in Amethi’ a reality," he added.

The PM said 12 lakh farmers in Amethi will be benefitted through the Kisan Nidhi scheme." They never tried to establish and empower farmers. The farm loan waivers has only benefited middlemen. But our Kisan Nidhi scheme has in true sense benefited farmers."

He said," gas connection, Free electricity have been made possible because of our government. We are trying to help the poor to develop and let families come above the poverty line."

The meeting was also addressed by defence minister Nirmala Sitaraman, union textile minister Smriti Irani and UP CM Yogi Adityanath. (UNI)