Abhinandan refuses to disclose his mission

Abhinandan refuses to disclose his mission


Indian Air Force pilot Abhinandan Varathaman, who was taken prison by the Pakistani army upon his MIG Bison plane crashing after shot an F-16 Pakistani aircraft on the Line of Control, said he was being treated well by the Pakistani army officers.

He however, refused to divulge critical information about his mission. In five- minute video which has gone viral, Wing Commander Abhinandan who had bruises on his face, said he was rescued from a violent mob by a captain.

Sipping tea, he told his questioner that the Pakistani army officers were”thorough gentlemen”. He said he would not change his statement even after returning to India and that the Indian armed forces should also treat their prisoners this way.

The video obviously shot for propaganda purpose, showed an officer questioning him politely and Abhinandan responding with equal politeness. However, he with equal politeness refused to divulge the nature of his mission

Asked which part of India he was from, Abhinandan said: Am I supposed to tell you? I am from down south.”

“Are you married? “

“Yes, I am married”

“What is your mission?”

“I am sorry, I am not supposed to tell you this”.

He also refused to tell the nature of his plane. He said” I am sure you would have found the wreckage.”

According to one report, his father Varthaman, who also served in the air force, was consultant to film director Mani Rathanam for his Kaatru Veliyidai, a Tamil film about an Indian air force officer being captured by the Pakistan army.