‘Sarhad hae mahfooz hamari - Our borders are safe’, says Army’s Twitter handle

‘Sarhad hae mahfooz hamari - Our borders are safe’, says Army’s Twitter handle

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New Delhi, Feb 27 : Poetry always has powerful message - either in peace time or at the time of conflicts and war.

It is the poetry that helps to distract one from the rigours of life and also can draw people into the mesmerising world of letters. Soldiers and armed forces personnel can also get emotive and cannot stay aloof from actions and perhaps 'in actions' happening around.

It is with this spirit perhaps - Indian Army's official Twitter handle from Additional Directorate General of Public Information, Ministry of Defence, passed on a few poetic lines - "Aaj Sindhu ne Vish ugla hae, Laharon ka Youvan machla hae...(Today the river is being malicious and the waves have moved aggressively).

These words came hours after Indian Air Force executed a well planned aerial strike destroying a large terror camp at Balakot in Pakistan in an operation seen as the first ever cross border exercise by Indian Armed Forces in last five decades.

Was it also a commentary on India's defence and foreign policy - which has emerged as more muscular and pro-active in recent times.

Taken from the master piece 'Toofano Ki Oar' (meaning 'Towards the Storms') penned Shivmangal Singh Suman -- the Tweet also had the line - "Toofanon ki aur ghuma do naavik nij patvaar' ---- Please do steer the boat towards the storm, to imply that the 'storm' be made use to built up the courage in support of righteousness and in battle against the evil.

Echoing similar sentiment, on Wednesday yet again the Twitter handle went cracking putting out illustrious poetic lines -- "Sarhad hae mahfooz hamari, apne veer jawano se (The country's border is safe and sound; and all thanks to our brave soldiers). "....Likhte hae itihas naya nit, jo apne balidan sey (It is these valiant armed personnel who pen history on daily basis with their sacrifices)".

The underlining missive perhaps being 'peace' always carry more meaning when one is a position of strength and is capable to win.Poems, they rightly say always re-equip us with the new imagery.UNI