PM Modi expresses concern on poor working performance rate of Rajya Sabha

Agency News

New Delhi, Feb 27 :Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Wednesday expressed concern at the poor working performance of the Rajya Sabha and urged the younger generation to 'question' the members of the Upper House the reasons of their such record.

"In last Parliament session, the Rajya Sabha performance was only 8 per cent. Such records are certainly a matter of concern," Prime Minister said addressing a Youth Parliament function here.

He urged the students and youth to organise district level and state level meetings and invite the Rajya Sabha members from your respective states into such functions and question them about such poor record of performance.

"Call them as chiefs guests, entertain them well and then have a question-answer session. And then ask them what you did in Parliament," Prime Minister said thundering applause from the gathering.

He said, "The members of Upper House should be made accountable".

"Tabhi ja karke unpar dabao paida hoga (Making them accountable is important)," he said adding "this will be very much under the democratic process".

"I am not saying call only Rajya Sabha members from one party. They may be from any party, but do call them and ask them what did you do for our state," he said. (UNI)