India has right to take firm action to protect national security, Pak deputy envoy told

Agency News

New Delhi, Feb 27: Pakistan was 'demarched' categorically on its act of aggression against India on Wednesday.

The government also remained firm about its resolve to take 'firm and decisive action' to protect national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity and categorically told Pakistan that instead of taking credible action against terrorists, Islamabad has only acted with 'aggression' against India.

"It was clearly conveyed that India reserves the right to take firm and decisive action to protect its national security, sovereignty and territorial integrity against any act of aggression or cross-border terrorism," a statement from the Ministry of External Affairs said after Pak Deputy High Commissioner Syed Haider Shah was summoned here.

"The Acting High Commissioner of Pakistan was summoned this afternoon by MEA to lodge a strong protest at the unprovoked act of aggression by Pakistan against India earlier today, including by violation of the Indian air space by Pakistan Air Force and targeting of Indian military posts," the statement said.

It maintained clearly that such actions were "in contrast" to the India’s non-military anti-terror pre-emptive strike at a JeM terrorist camp in Balakot on February 26.

"It is unfortunate that instead of fulfilling its international obligation and bilateral commitment to take credible action against terrorist entities and individuals operating from its soil, Pakistan has acted with aggression against India," the deputy envoy was conveyed.

India also strongly 'objected' to Pakistan’s "vulgar display of an injured personnel" of the Indian Air Force in violation of all norms of International Humanitarian Law and the Geneva Convention.

"It was made clear that Pakistan would be well advised to ensure that no harm comes to the Indian defence personnel in its custody. India also expects his immediate and safe return," the statement said.

"Regret was expressed at continuing denial by Pakistan’s political and military leadership at the presence of terrorist infrastructure in territories under its control. A dossier was handed over to Pakistan side with specific details of JeM complicity in Pulwama terror attack," it said.

The Pak deputy High Commissioner was also told about the presence of JeM terror camps and its leadership in Pakistan.

"It was conveyed that India expects Pakistan to take immediate and verifiable action against terrorism emanating from territories under its control," the statement said.

Earlier, MEA spokesman Raveesh Kumar told reporters: "India had informed about Counter-Terrorism (CT) action it took yesterday against a training camp of Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) in Pakistan based on credible evidence that JeM intended to launch more attacks."

He said, against India's Counter Terrorism Action, Pakistan "responded this morning" by using its Air Force to target military installations on the Indian side.

"Due to our high state of readiness and alertness, Pakistan’s attempts were foiled successfully," he said.

However, while one MiG 21 was lost, pilot of Air Force has also gone 'missing in action'.

India is 'ascertaining' the claims made by Pakistan through unofficial channels about the capture of the pilot, he said.

Meanwhile, according to media reports, Pakistan Prime Minister Imran Khan has pressed for peace

and said "all wars are miscalculated and no one knows where they lead to".

In Islamabad, Pakistan’s foreign office also summoned India’s Acting High Commissioner Gaurav Ahluwalia earlier in the day. (UNI)