Pak UAV reportedly gunned down near border in Gujarat

Pak UAV reportedly gunned down near border in Gujarat

Agency News

Ahmedabad, Feb 26 : A suspected Pakistani unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV/Drone) was reportedly targeted and gunned down on Tuesday by the IAF close to an air force base in bordering Kutch district of Gujarat.

However, there are no official words about the incident so far and the Defence spokesperson of Gujarat Colonel Sombit Ghosh said he was not aware of any such incident and an official statement would be issued if such a thing had happened.

Villagers of Nundhatad said that the suspicious UAV was seen close to the Air Force unit base at Mothala and it crashed on the land after a flash like light accompanied by two strong explosion like sounds. Ex-Sarpanch of the village Pravin Bhanushali said that at around 0615 am this morning after hearing the explosions when he and other villagers rushed to the outskirts area where pieces of something including cameras and battery were scattered.

IAF, Military and police later cordoned off the area. He heard from some of the securitymen there that it was a camera fitted with flying device (UAV/drone) which was blown off by the IAF.

The Bhanana Air force base in Naliya is around 30 km from the place where the suspicious UAV came down while the small IAF base in Mothala was around a km from it.

Villager Govind Bhaunshali said that there was no permission to fly a drone or UAV in the area which was around 60 km from Pakistan border and quite sensitive from security point of view. It is suspected that it was a drone of Pakistan which was attempting to get pictures, etc, of security installations. It was noticed by the radar of IAF in Naliya. (UNI )