IAF Western Air Command coordinated ‘anti-terror operation’

IAF Western Air Command coordinated ‘anti-terror operation’

Agency News

New Delhi, Feb 26: The air strikes on Pakistan occupied Kashmir (PoK) during early hours of Tuesday was a combined strike with fighters, early warning system aircraft and mid air refueller jets, highly placed sources in the defence establishment said.

According to the sources, the Mirage 2000s took off in batches while early warning system aircraft took off from another airfield. A mid-air refuelling tanker also took off from another location, the sources added.

Heron surveillance drone took off from a secret airfield before the airstrike to take final survey of the targets.

The IAF had given a presentation of air strikes to NSA and Prime Minister Narendra Modi.

According to the sources, Pakistan's Saab 2000 airbone early warning and control aircraft managed to detect the IAF Mirage 2000 but Pakistani F16s, which were scrambled to retaliate, turned back due to the size of the Indian formation. UNI