BJP launches  to hoist five crore party flags

BJP launches to hoist five crore party flags

Agency News

New Delhi, Feb 12 : Several BJP leaders including party chief Amit Shah and Union Ministers on Tuesday hoisted party flags at their respective residences and tried to share their and the parties' association with the saffron party.

In fact, BJP president Amit Shah kicked off his party's ambitious "Mera parivar, Bhajpa parivar" campaign in Ahmedabad by hoisting the party flag at his residence in Gujarat. BJP sources have said that the party wants to cover over five crore houses under the drive ahead of the announcement of the schedule of Lok Sabha polls.

The exercise is slated to continue till March 2 across the country. "This BJP flag is a symbol of development, belief and nationalism," Mr Shah said at a simple function. Among others Union Commerce and Civil Aviation Minister Suresh Prabhu hoisted the BJP flag at his residence.

"Celebrated and joined the #MeraParivarBhajapaParivar campaign. My family considers it an honour to have hoisted the BJP flag in front of our home. Supporting the cause of good governance," he tweeted. BJP lawmaker in Rajya Sabha Vinay sahashrabuddhe also took to micro blogging site and wrote:

"Joined #MeraParivarBhajapaParivar campaign and hoisted BJP flag in front of our home in Delhi with family and associates". He further wrote- "Patriotism in the heart, National spirit filled in our home and BJP everywhere".

Several net savvy citizens also took to the micro blogging sites and expressing their support to the BJP's unique style of outreach programme. "Jai BJP, Jai Bharat Shri Ram. Ghar Ghar Alakh Jagayenge, Bhajpa ko hi laeyenge (Jai BJP, Jai Bharat, with the blessings of Sri Ram, we will ensure BJP returns to power," went one missive from an enthusiastic BJP supporter.