TRS member raises issue of students arrest in US under ‘visa scam’

TRS member raises issue of students arrest in US under ‘visa scam’

Agency News

New Delhi, Feb 11: TRS member A P Jithender Reddy on Monday raised the issue of detention of Indian students in the United States in the 'university visa scam'.

During Zero Hour, he said out of the 129 students arrested and detained administratively in the US, several of them are from Telangana and many from his parliamentary constituency of Mahabubnagar.

He said many students invest heavily and their parents even mortgage properties to go abroad and hence these ill-fated students should not be treated at par with the fraudsters and agents who have indulged in wrong doings.

He said the TRS leader K T Rama Rao has met the US Consulate in Hyderabad and tried to impress upon the US authorities on the matter.

It may be mentioned that the Government of India on February 5 has said that it has obtained consular access to 117 students detained administratively in the United States.

"Our Embassy and Consulates have obtained consular access to the 117 of them, by proactively visiting 36 different detention sites through the length and breadth of the country," an MEA statement has said.

The Consular access to the remaining students, estimated at about a dozen, are continuing, including through the 24/7 helpline set up by the Embassy and outreach to the community, it said.

The government said that assistance is being extended to the Indian students in obtaining legal advice and connecting them to community support services.

Several Indian nationals had been administratively arrested as on January 31 in connection with their enrollment at one controversial university.

During Zero Hour, Trinamool Congress member Dinesh Trivedi said "food security in India is at an alarming stage".

"It is highly disappointing to note that India ranks at a dismal 103 in the Global Hunger Index out of the 119 countries surveyed.

He said: "India has high levels of child wasting at 21 per cent. Child wasting refers to children having an extremely low weight for their height, which points to acute under nutrition," he said adding it was 17.1 per cent in 2000 and thus shows things have deteriorated further in last two decades.

"I urge the government to look into the matter," Mr Trivedi said. (UNI)