Petrotech 2019: Pradhan calls for expansion of energy supply

Petrotech 2019: Pradhan calls for expansion of energy supply

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Greater Noida, Feb 10: Union Petroleum and Natural Gas Minister Dharmendra Pradhan on Sunday called for expanding the supply and availability of energy in a safe and environmentally responsible and sustainable manner.

In the welcome session of the Petrotech-2019, Mr Pradhan said energy is integral to support the fast growing Indian economy and they were working to deliver energy justice to the poorest of the poor by adopting the four pillars visualized by Prime Minister Narendra Modi -- energy access, energy efficiency, energy sustainability and energy security.

Petrotech-2019 - the 13th edition of India’s flagship hydrocarbon conference at India Expo Mart here – is three day event which started on Sunday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi will inaugurate the session on Monday.

The theme of this conference is - Shaping the New Energy World through Innovation and Collaboration’.

Welcoming the ministers from abroad and other delegates, he said in the next three days, the recent changes that have taken place in the Indian hydrocarbon sector and how these are impacted by the prevailing global oil and gas dynamics will be presented.

He said the event will also serve as a platform to discuss solutions to the challenges that they face not only in India, but also in their respective countries, in delivering affordable, efficient, clean and assured energy supplies to all the citizens.

Today India, he said, is the fastest growing economy in the world. The robust growth of India has been achieved through a series of policy reforms focused on improving India’s long-term economic and social prospects. With clear focus on investment friendly reforms initiatives and removal of policy bottlenecks, the country has made remarkable jump in World Bank’s ease of doing business ranking from 142 in 2014 to 77th position in 2018.

Talking about the dramatic shift in energy sources and consumption in the world, the Minister pointed out that prominent global trends shaping up in this regard -- big shift in energy consumption from Europe to Asia, United States becoming the world’s largest oil and gas producer after the shale revolution, Solar energy emerging as a competitive and most sustainable energy alternative, Share of Natural Gas in the global energy mix rising, Convergence of cheaper renewable energy technologies, digital applications and the rising role of electricity forming the basis for achieving many of the world’s sustainable development goals, and countries coming together to tackle climate change, including through global collaboration such as International Solar Alliance. (UNI)