Any development should be people and nature centric: Venkaiah

Any development should be people and nature centric: Venkaiah

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Hyderabad, Feb 9 : Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu on Saturday underlined that any development should be people-centric and nature-centric.

Speaking after inaugurating a there-day” International Conference for Development Discourse”, Organised by Research For Resurgence Foundation (RRF) in association with the English and Foreign Languages Universities (EFLU), he said the theme of the conference was quite apt as there is a need for wider debate on the concepts of development and promote interactive discourse on the vital issue.

The concept of development was associated with many words like GDP, consumption, human development, income levels, poverty reduction, social development, free markets and westernization, Mr Naidu said and added that development is the new identity of any nation in the 21st century.

“While it is for the experts and the development economists to decide and define what constitutes real development, I on my part feel that any development should be people-centric and nature-centric”.

Further, he said that the development broadly encompasses improving incomes and living conditions, the focus should be on achieving the sustainable development goals the world has set for itself in 2015. For a developing Nation like India, the need of the hour is to sustain the momentum of economic growth and dovetail its efforts for increasing prosperity and well being of the people.

Making agriculture viable, improving farm income, bridging the urban rural divide, eradicating poverty, tackling climate change, harnessing technology, empowering women and creating jobs are all crucial to sustain this growth momentum, the Vice President said.

Stating that the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) is a monetary measure of the market value of all the final goods and services, Mr Venkaiah said that there were arguments that GDP could only be a rough indicator of economic growth but not a real measure of the overall development as it does not include several factors such as standard of living, environmental quality, levels of health and education and among others.(UNI)