Modi hits out at Mamata

Agency News

Mainaguri ( West Bengal), Feb 8: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today slammed West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee and said, “Didi wants to become the PM, leaving the middle class and the poor at the mercy of alliance of Syndicate.”

Speaking at the rally here, Mr Modi said, " The law and order situation in North Bengal has worsened over the years. Industries were not developed, youth are migrating, and projects of schemes are stalled, but all this doesn't bother the West Bengal government. "

“Paschim Bengal ki sarkar ne maati ko badnaam kar diya hai aur maanush ko majboor kar diya hai. The West Bengal which was known for its art and culture is now being discussed for its violence and undemocratic ways,” he alleged.

The Prime Minister alleged CPI(M), Congress and TMC do not bother about people's problems in Jalpaiguri.

He said Mamata Banerjee Government has ruined the state. She destroyed tea, timber and tourism businesses of Jalpaiguri.

The Prime Minister said there is tea relation between him and Jalpaiguri. While people of Jalpaiguri produce tea, he used to sell tea.

Mr Modi announced that workers employed in tea plantation fields will now be entitled to a pension due to a scheme announced in the recent budget.

This scheme would benefit over 40 crore workers in the unorganized sector. They will get pension after attaining the age of 60.

He said all people across the country, including the poor, deserve pucca houses.

The Prime Minister added that the government will make sure that all people get pucca houses by 2022.

After a long-pending demand, Mr Modi inaugurated the Jalpaiguri Circuit Bench of Calcutta High Court today.

While addressing the rally, Mr Modi said, “Brothers and sisters, your demand for ages has finally be fulfilled. The people of Jalpaiguri will get justice in Jalpaiguri itself. They won't have to go to Kolkata to get to the High Court.

The Prime Minister inaugurated various developmental programmes in Jalpaiguri.

Ahead of his visit, Mr Modi said that the state has seen a massive increase in support for the BJP.

"During my recent visits to West Bengal, I have been seeing the massive support for BJP. The people of West Bengal realise that only BJP can fulfill their dreams and aspirations,” he tweeted. (UNI)