SC verdict victory of democracy : Mamata

SC verdict victory of democracy : Mamata

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Kolkata, Feb 05: Describing the Supreme Court verdict as the victory of the Constitution, of democracy, of save India and of the people, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee on Tuesday iterated that democracy is the big boss of the country.

Addressing the media from her Dharna Manch at the Metro channel here, she charged Prime Minister Narendra Modi with 'muzzling' democracy, and said,"Nobody is the big boss of this country, democracy is the big boss of this country."

“I think it’s our moral victory. We have respect for the judiciary and this order was passed earlier also that they can call mutually. Rajeev Kumar never said I will not be available. If you need

any clarification, you can come,” Ms Banerjee said, welcoming Supreme Court’s order on Kolkata top cop Rajeev Kumar.

“They came to arrest. The court said no arrest. We are grateful for the order. We welcome the verdict, ” she commented.

“Just calling them and arresting them. People cannot go to court. CBI has its own court. How people will get justice. I am fighting for millions of people not just Rajeev Kumar,” Ms Banerjee pointed out.

The Chief Minister said,"Today is the victory for the people,victory of democracy, victory of Save India."

“Our case is strong. We never said we will never cooperate. We have sent five letters,” said Ms Banerjee after the SC order on Kolkata top cop Rajeev Kumar.

“I am not pleading for Rajeev Kumar, I am pleading for millions of people,” the Chief Minister said.

Ms Banerjee said,“Chandrababu Naidu is coming today (at the dharna stage). I am not alone. I shall discuss with Naveen Patnaikji also. He also gave me support. I will consult them and let you know (our next step).”

“We respect the central forces,” she said.

“Our movement is a people’s movement. Modi will not return to power. They are putting in trouble on everybody -- common people, farmers, artists. They alleged tampering of evidence -- it was turned down,”Ms Banerjee iterated.

The Chief Minister said,"Rajeev Kumar cannot be arrested, the court has said. They are arresting people from Bengal and putting them in jails of Odisha. They are taking some to Delhi, while some to Odisha."

"They arrested Lalu Prasad Yadav and took him to Jharkhand. It’s (the SC order) a victory of democracy," she alleged.

“ It’s a six year-old case (Saradha chit fund case). It happened in the era of the CPI(M). We arrested Sudipta Sen. We set up the judicial commission which returned Rs 300 crore. And, they allege that we are responsible,” said Ms Banerjee.

On allegation about Yogi Adityanath chopper not being allowed to land, she said, "It's absolutely false."

“Modi hatao, Desh bachao--- We will fight the battle with all the political parties. All the people are invited to be the prime minister,” Ms Banerjee averred.

She charged Prime Minister Narendra Modi with "destroying" democracy.

“Tell Yogi Adityanath to take care of UP first. So many people have been killed, even cops are not safe,” the Chief Minister added. (UNI)