Chit fund scam: CPI(M) accuses BJP-AITC of sharing loot, demands culprits be booked

Agency News

New Delhi, Feb 4 : Reiterating that the West Bengal ruling All India Trinamool Congress and the Centre ruling BJP are ‘sharing the spoils of public loot’, the CPI(M) on Monday demanded that the culprits, who are part of the alleged chit fund scam, be booked ‘whether they are now with the BJP or the AITC’.

“All those guilty of this public loot, whether they are now with the BJP or the AITC must be brought to book, their properties confiscated and monies looted from the people be returned to them, with interest”, CPI(M) polit bureau said in a statement.

Referring to the alleged scam, the Left party said it was in 2014 that the Supreme Court had asked the CBI to investigate on the larger conspiracy involved in the ‘loot of crores of rupees’ of people's savings by chit fund companies like Saradha, Rose Valley etc.

“For full five years, contrary to its loud promises, the Modi government did not move seriously on this matter.

During this period, many of the AITC leaders, who were the prime accused in these scams like MPs Mukul Roy and Hemanta Sharma, moved over to the BJP”, the Left party alleged.

The CPIM) also alleged that both the BJP and the TMC were sharing the spoils of such loot, slowing down the investigation as ordered by the Supreme Court.

Taking on both the parties, the CPI(M), which has ruled the state around three decades before Ms Banerjee’s party ousted them, said, “The manner in which the Modi government has now moved, given its record of authoritarian assaults against non-BJP state governments and constitutional authorities, including CBI, smacks of political motivation. The response of the TMC government and the Chief Minister, given their record of murder of democracy in Bengal, is also politically motivated”.

On Sunday, party general secretary Sitaram Yechury had attacked both Ms Banerjee and the BJP accusing them of indulging in ‘drama’.

“This drama in Kolkata by BJP and AITC is not a fight for any principle but only to save their corrupt and hide their corruption. CPI(M) has fought both these undemocratic, corrupt, communal and dictatorial regimes in the Centre and the state and will continue to do so", Mr Yechury added.

In another tweet, the Left party leader said, “Corruption cases against AITC government in chit fund scam have been public for years but Modi government chose to stay quiet as top mastermind of the scam joined BJP. It does a drama to act now, after five years, and AITC leadership responds by staging a drama to protect its corrupt”. (UNI)