Modi Govt depriving underprivileged of job opps: Rahul

Modi Govt depriving underprivileged of job opps: Rahul

Agency News

New Delhi, Feb 3: The Congress president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday said the Narendra Modi Government is depriving the underprivileged of job opportunities in the universities through the new roaster system.

"First Modi ji reduced the seats and scholarships in the universities and then harmed the students like Rohit Vemula and now with 13-point roster system, their job opportunities in universities have been eliminated," Mr Gandhi said in a tweet.

Attacking the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, Mr Gandhi said that the Prime Minister was committed to his capitalist cronies more than to anyone else. "Vanchiton ka mukhyadhara se nikas, udyog-pati mitron ka vikas," he said in his tweet, meaning that Mr Modi was ensuring exit of the marginalised from the mainstream and ensuring profits for his capitalist cronies. (UNI)