President to open Mughal Gardens on Monday

President to open Mughal Gardens on Monday

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New Delhi, Feb 2: The famed Mughal Gardens of the Rashtrapati Bhavan will be opened to public from February 6 after President Ram Nath Kovind formally inaugurates the annual "Udyanotsav” on February 4.

The Mughal Gardens will remain open for the general public from February 6 till March 10 between 9 am and 4 pm, except on Mondays which are maintenance days. Members of the public shall also be able to visit the Spiritual Garden, Herbal Garden, Bonsai Garden and Musical Garden.

Apart from the annual opening of Mughal Gardens, visitors can have conducted tours of the Rashtrapati Bhavan and the Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum. They can also witness the spectacular Change of Guards Ceremony. From this year, an online booking facility has been introduced for visitors to plan their visit to the Gardens well in advance. This is apart from the direct free of cost walk-in entry as in previous years.

The main attraction of this year’s “Udyanotsav”, beside tulips and exotic flowers, are bulbous flowerings. Around 10,000 ‘tulips’ specially cultivated in the Mughal Gardens are expected to bloom in phases during February. They are in vivid colors of red, white, orange and yellow mixed with red and pink. Flower carpets in magnificent designs will also be on display in the central lawns revealing the skill and craft of the gardeners of Rashtrapati Bhavan. The dominant color scheme of this year’s ornamental flowers is white, yellow, red and orange.

As in previous years, a small beautified cactus corner with interesting varieties of cactus and succulents has been landscaped. Air purifying plants has been showcased in front of Gate No 8. An Exhibition Stall will also showcase organic fresh vegetables and fruits grown in the President’s Estate Organic Farm.

The online booking facility - available seven days in advance - has been divided into seven hourly slots - starting from 9 am to 3 pm - on weekdays (Monday to Friday) and three hourly slots at 9 am, 10 am and 11 am - on weekends (Saturdays and Sundays) and on holidays. Each hourly slot on weekdays and weekends/holidays will accommodate 1000 and 2500 visitors respectively.

A maximum of 10 visitors can be booked in a single booking for weekday’s visit while a maximum of five visitors can be booked in a single booking for visit during weekend and holidays. Mobile number is mandatory for online booking and only one booking is permitted from one mobile number. Entry and exit for all online/walk-in visitors will be from Gate No. 35 of the President’s Estate, close to where North Avenue.

However, there will be separate entry/queue for online visitors. It will be mandatory for them to adhere with their allotted time slots. In case a visitor arrives out of booked time slot, he/she would be requested to join the queue of offline “direct walk-in” visitors. Visitors are not allowed to carry any water bottle, briefcase, handbag/ladies purse, camera, radio/transistor, box, umbrella, eatable etc. Such articles, if any, will have to be deposited at the entry point.

Arrangements of drinking water, toilets, first aid / medical facility, rest rooms for senior citizens, women and children are provided at various places along the public route. The Mughal Gardens will be open on March 11, 2019 exclusively for special category visitors - farmers, differently-abled persons, defence/paramilitary forces and Delhi Police personnel - from 9 am to 4 pm. Entry and exit will also be through Gate No 35.

The Tactile Garden will be open exclusively for the visually impaired on March 11 from 11am to 4pm. Entry and exit will be from Gate No 12, situated on Church Road (next to North Avenue). The Rashtrapati Bhavan is open four days in a week (Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday) between 9am to 4pm. Visits can be booked online through the link

The Rashtrapati Bhavan Museum Complex – an event-based story telling museum showcasing the exquisite and invaluable artifacts symbolising art, culture, heritage and history – is open for public on all days except Mondays and government holidays from 9 am to 4 pm. Visitors can book their tour online at

On the spot booking facility is also available at Reception (near Gate No 30 of Rashtrapati Bhavan on Mother Teresa Crescent) on producing valid photo identity proof and debit/credit card for payment of registration charges. For further assistance, people can contact the Visitors’ Management Cell at +91-11-2301 7820

The Change of Guard Ceremony is held every Saturday and Sunday at the Forecourt of Rashtrapati Bhavan. A request to witness the Change of Guard Ceremony can be made online through a link on the website (UNI)