ED to quiz Vadra: BJP says ‘strict chowkidar’ has made life tough for wrongdoers

ED to quiz Vadra: BJP says ‘strict chowkidar’ has made life tough for wrongdoers

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New Delhi, Feb 2 : On a day the court ordered Robert Vadra, brother in law of Congress president Rahul Gandhi, to join the ED probe on February 6 and granted anticipatory bail to him, the BJP on Saturday said entire 'Gandhi family' now can be called "bail family".

BJP spokesman Sambit Patra also took a dig at Congress for attacking Prime Minister Narendra Modi and said a "strict chowkidar" has made the life miserable for wrongdoers.

"Income tax corruption, 'National Herald' corruption, land corruption, properties in London - this is what Congress and family is about. And they keep on attacking Chowkidaar (custodian of national properties)," Mr Patra told reporters here.

"Yeh Chowkidar, chowkidar karte haen....tabhi inko chowkidar shabd se itni nafrat hae (That is why they hate the word Chowkikar)," the BJP spokesman said adding in a rather sarcastic note - "The moment they listen to Chowkidar's whistle, they cannot sleep)"

"When the Chowkidar (custodian) is strict, the wrong doers are bound to get scared," he said.

"From today, the 'Gandhi family' should be called as the bail family. Sonia Gandhi is out on bail, Rahul Gandhi is out on bail, and now Robert Vardra is also in that club - out on bail," BJP spokesman said.

He further said - "Look at the irony, the Congress party and a family - which calls itself grand old party and gave so many Prime Minister now "feels India is their property and corruption is their entitlement".

"Sonia Gandhi and Rahulji - the mother son duo is out on bail in the Rs 5000 crore 'National Herald' scam and today, bail was given to Robert Vadra in money laundering and black money case," he said.

He said it was a case of corruption of three people Mr Vadra, Manoj Arora and 'arms dealer' Sanjay Bhandari.

"Mr Vadra has land and properties in many places in India and probe has established that he some some properties in London also worth properties," Mr Patra said adding "these three people used to work in tandem with the erstwhile UPA regime especially in Defence deals".

In addition, he mentioned that there is yet another case of IT rules violation of Rs 600 crore against Rahul Gandhi himself. (UNI)