Concessions to farmers, middle class will impact polls, says Dr Singh

Concessions to farmers, middle class will impact polls, says Dr Singh

Agency News

New Delhi, Feb 1 : Terming the interim budget, presented by Union Finance Minister Piyush Goyal, an ‘election budget’, former Prime Minister Dr Manmohan on Friday said the announcement by the Narendra Modi government will have implications in the elections.

“It is an election budget. It is obvious that concessions to farmers and middle class will have impact on the election,” Dr Singh said while responding to the reporters. The Modi Government has made big announcements in a number of sectors like income tax exemption up to five lakhs and the Pradhan Mantri Kisan Samman Nidhi.

“It is the BJP’s election manifesto,” said Congress Lok Sabha leader Mallikarjum Kharge and criticised that the Modi Government was bribing the voters before the polls. He said that the announcements are poll sops and ‘jumlas, and added the BJP Government cannot fulfill those as the government’s mandate will be over by May this year.

"It’s their election manifesto. This is all being done for elections. I directly charge them of paying bribe to voters,"said Mr Kharge. He alleged there is nothing for the poor in the budget and added that there is politics in everything BJP does. “This budget is only an election manifesto that the BJP read in Parliament and it is only for getting votes," Mr Kharge said.

The Congress leader said the BJP is thinking that it will get vote from these announcements and added that people will understand what they are doing. “They had deceived the people. What they have achieved during their rule and how many promises they have fulfilled? Did they fulfill the promise to provide 10 crore jobs in five years,” he asked.

Referring to the announcement on farmers, the senior Congress leader said the farmers will get only Rs 6,000 per year that means they will get Rs 500 per month. Congress MP Shashi Tharoor said the only good thing is the tax exemption for middle class and added that ‘the whole exercise has turned out to be a damp squib”.

“Rs 6,000 in income support for farmers boils down to Rs 500 per month. Is that supposed to enable them to live with the honour and dignity,"Mr Tharoor questioned. (UNI)