Democracies must ensure rule of law : David Cameron

Democracies must ensure rule of law : David Cameron

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Chennai, Jan 31 : Strongman, authoritarian politics was on the rise globally and democratic countries should re-emphasise their basic values, protect institutions and freedoms and ensure rule of law, Former British Prime Minister David Cameron said.

“Yes it’s (authoritarian politics) on the rise. We should look for the source of our strength', he said, while delivering the K S Narayanan Centenary Oration, on the topic 'The New Geopolitics', here on Wednesday night.

'Britain is now facing the real challenge because of Brexit. But even in the middle of this, I will invest in Britain because I know my investment will be safe because you have the rule of law', he added.

'If someone steals my investment, I can take the government to the court of law. So rule of law is actually the heart of the strength of British society,” he noted.

Mr Cameron, who was introduced by Sanmar Group Chairman N Sankar, said many strongman leaders think they believe in democracy. But democracy was not just getting elected every five years. There should be free speech, rule of law, freedoms. Investments need to be secure,” he said.  Asked if India was also facing a rise of authoritarian politics, the former British Prime Minister said

'it’s an opportunity for India to reassert its democratic credentials. “India’s strength is that it is the biggest democracy in the world. Our democracies are based on free press, free expression, independent courts, strong institutions, rule of law', he said.

'The question is where do you want to be. You want to be up here? You want to fight corruption?

You want transparency? Honesty? Or you want to be down here, with (Russian President Vladimir) Putins and (Philippines President Rodrigo) Dutertes, he said, adding 'and I think India has this

golden opportunity to say strongly that yes, we are the largest democracy in the world.' 'That’s what makes us stand out', Mr Cameron obesrved. (UNI)