1.25 billion Indians are my family’: Modi

Agency News

New Delhi, Jan 29 : Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the second edition of Pariksha Pe Charcha here on Tuesday underscored the need for time management and said a person can never feel tired if he was thinking and working for his family and 1.25 billion Indians.

"The 1.25 billion Indian are all my family," he said, adding that each day he resumed his work with new energy.

"I never get tired," he further said.

Mr Modi said everyone has equal time but "we should know how to scheduling it".

The Prime Minister said housemaids are the best time managers. They know how they have to schedule the day.

The interaction, which lasted for over ninety minutes, here at Talkatora Stadium saw students, teachers and parents relax, laugh, and repeatedly applaud the Prime Minister’s observations, which included a touch of humour and wit.

This year, students from across the country, and also Indian students residing abroad, participated in the event. (UNI)