Indian States and Chinese Provinces look like a new frontier: Zha Liyou

Indian States and Chinese Provinces look like a new frontier: Zha Liyou

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Kolkata, Jan 28 : Zha Liyou, who has overtaken Ma Zhanwu as the Consul general of Kolkata, has said the relationship between Indian states and Chinese provinces is the new frontier of Indo-China relationship.

"Indian states and Chinese provinces look like a new frontier, the new side of China-India relationship," Mr Liyou said here last night on the sidelines of his welcome reception.

Chinese leaders attach great importance to the development of relationship at sub-national levels,Mr Liyou said and added that he had worked on similar lines during his last posting, in San Fransisco.

Mr Liyou, who is the fifth Chinese Consul in Kolkata, said his main focus would be to strengthen ties based on eight focus areas--culture, education and language, sports, environment, tourism, economy, youth and media---between the five states(West Bengal, Odisha, Jharkhand, Bihar, Chattisgarh) under his Consulate and the states of China that are closest to them geographically.

"West Bengal and Yunnan are two sister states as are Kolkata and Kunming, two sister cities," he said and added that as part of China's focus on strengthening relationships at sub-national level, China viewed West Bengal as sister province of Yunnan.

"I have come with the job of building confidence between these five states and Chinese provinces," he maintained.

"We want to convince our Indian friends in these five states that in China one way of maintaining a good sister-state relationship is doing business," he said and added that he would meet the chief ministers of the five states for face-to-face discussion with them about the focus areas on which the Chinese provinces want to work with them.

He said he would ensure the pending MoUs are signed and the existing Kolkata-Kunming forum is stimulated with the development of deeper understanding between Indian Chief Ministers and the governors of Chinese provinces. In the same breath, he said a delegation headed by the vice-chairman of provincial people's congress from Yunnan province will participate in the Bengal Global Business Summit(BGBS) to be held on February 7-8 next though the summit coincides with the Chinese Spring Festival, the biggest festival of the country."It will be a deputy-governor level delegation," he said, adding that strength of the delegation may be 14-15.

Mr Liyou said he was looking forward to inviting the heads of the five states to Yunnan Southern Asia Expo to be held in June next. "Such developments would boost business. We have to see each other more frequently to ensure business happens," he asserted.

The Chinese diplomat said he has sought an appointment at the Union ministry of external affairs, however, he hasn't approached Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee's office for a meeting yet, but would doing it soon. (UNI)