Ghatbandhan better look toward 2024, People want stable govt and able leadership: Paswan

Ghatbandhan better look toward 2024, People want stable govt and able leadership: Paswan

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Bengaluru, Jan 28: In the present situation in the country, people are looking towards having stable government at the Centre and an able leader to lead it post Lok Sabha polls and NDA government will retain power, the so called ‘Maha Ghatbandhan’ can have a hope only for 2024 general elections, Union Minister Ram Vilas Paswan said on Monday.

Speaking to reporters on the sidelines of a press conference of his Food and Civil Supplies department here on Monday, he said the India faced adversaries around the nation and it needs to be governed by a strong government and able leader.

‘’This is the reason people strongly believe that Mr Narendra Modi should continue as the Prime Minister. The recent poll predictions by analysts say NDA is poised to retain majority. Though we cannot predict how much seat we (NDA) would win, it is evident that NDA will retain power and it is sure that Mr Modi will once again become be the Prime Minister,’’ he said.

The Lok Janshakti Party leader said the grand alliance means instability and not a single party in this combine had any idea who the next Prime Minister candidate should be. This means uncertanity and it will continue. ‘’How many of these parties will agree for Mr Rahul Gandhi to be the next Prime Minister. So I advise these leaders to concentrate on 2024 elections to pose any challenge to NDA,’’ he added.

Mr Paswan said he was not aware of Ms Priyanka Vadra entering politics. The Congress party now led by Mr Gandhi has brought Ms Vadra to politics. This will not disturb the confidence of the NDA parties. This does not pose any threat to the NDA popularity,

To a question he said the JD(S)-Congress government was formed on a slippery ground and its future is uncertain. There were many hurdles faced by this government and the two party leaders were suffering from ego clashes. ‘’When Chief Minister H D Kumaraswamy say that he will quit and this will only affect the Congress party, this makes it evident how long this government will run. It is out of question that Congress party and JD(S) can go together, whether in the current State government for longer or in the coming Lok Sabha polls in Karnataka. I feel, due to internal squabbles, this coalition government will fall very soon,’’ he opined. (UNI)