Priyanka Gandhi suffers from bipolar disease: Dr. Swamy

Priyanka Gandhi suffers from bipolar disease: Dr. Swamy


After the appointment of Priyanka Gandhi as General Secretary: Eastern UP of the AICC by her brother Rahul, President of the Indian National Congress there has been a downpour of reactions by the Parivar leaders. Many feel that so many reactions have made Priyanka an instant national leader, making masses curious about her and to look at her photographs thanks to the comments by BJP leaders about her beauty and almost a look alike of late Indira Gandhi.

The latest to react is renowned Dr. Subramania Swamy, BJP leader. Dr. Swamy alleged that Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was bipolar and she physically abused people and that she was not fit for public life. In an interview to ANI Dr.Swami said that she suffers from a disease that was not appropriate to public life. He added, “The name of that disease is bipolarity which reflects her violent character and her overall image………She beats up people. Her ailment does not make her fit for public life. The public should know when she is likely to lose mental balance”. It is a disorder of the brain that causes unusual shifts in mood and according to doctors proper diagnose and treatment helps people with the disorder to lead a healthy and productive lives.

There were many comments from the BJP leaders, personal in nature about the alleged activities of her husband, Vadra. Some commented on perpetuating the dynasty and others about her good looks. Some feel that the comments could also reflect the concern of the BJP that she may able to damage the prospects of the Parivar in the coming LS elections.