Why is Rahul Gandhi acting as ‘Chinese propagandist’, asks BJP

Why is Rahul Gandhi acting as ‘Chinese propagandist’, asks BJP

Agency News

New Delhi, Jan 25: Taking a cue from Congress President's remarks that he has met Chinese Ministers during his visit to Kailash Mansarovar last year, the BJP on Friday charged Rahul Gandhi with working as a Chinese propagandist.

"Why is Rahul Gandhi acting as Chinese propagandist ?," BJP spokesman Sambit Patra told reporters here.

"Rahul Gandhi is no ordinary citizen. He is a leader of one of the largest political party in India. The meetings as admitted by him with Chinese Ministers were not chance meeting. Why was Indian embassy not informed about the meetings," Mr Patra said.

The remarks from the BJP spokesman at the regular media briefing at the party quarters come shortly after Mr Gandhi said in Bhubaneswar on Friday that he had met with Chinese ministers while undertaking the Kailash Mansarovar Yatra in September 2018.

"Automation bothers India and also Europe but it does not seem to bother China. When I met two Chinese ministers during my Kasilash Mansarovar visit they told job creation is not a problem in fact they have plenty of jobs," Mr Gandhi said while speaking at 'The Odisha Dialogue Event'.

"It appears the Kailash Mansarovar visit on religious ground was just an excuse. What BJP had said in September has come true....Perhaps it was a slip of tongue but the truth came out.

"He should tell us all whom all he did meet....and why did he not follow the protocol ?," BJP spokesman Mr Patra said.

The BJP spokesman also criticised Congress leader Anand Sharma for his 'threatening words' against officials in investigating agencies.

"Every morning they would tease....please probe and fix responsibilities if Congress leaders are wrong. But every evening when investigation takes place, the Congress leaders would say it is all vindictive," Mr Patra said. (UNI)