Priyanka Plunges into Politics

Priyanka Plunges into Politics

Agency News

Priyanka is finally entering politics. She was appointed as General Secretary (Eastern Uttar Pradesh) by her brother Rahul Gandhi Congress President.

The surprise move by the Congress High command is considered politically shrewd and cunning as she is popular with the UP masses and by giving her the area of Eastern Uttar Pradesh, where the party has been finding it difficult to build a popular base. She is expected to give a tough challenge to Yogi Adityanath, whose popularity is dwindling in the area after taking over as Chief Minister in which task he has been wanting. After his taking over as chief minister the BJP has lost in almost all elections in the state.

Priyanka is expected to take over charge in the first week of February.

Within the Congress there is a strong section who has been demanding her entry into politics and taking up a position in the party. Many compare with Indira Gandhi and she resembles her grand mother. Her style of speech, choice of words and demeanour are almost like her grandmother. The innumerable welcome messages for her within the Congress indicate her popularity within.

For the opposition also this is a clear message. Congress may demand its due if a non-BJP alliance is to be formed. The party may not be satisfied with just two seats. With her mass appeal she may be able to help in mobilising masses in not just UP but in other parts of the country too.

However her joining the Congress party will make Parivar leaders to sharpen the attack on the Nehru-Gandhi dynasty in the Congress. The BJP leaders will see this as dynasty taking firm rootes in the party.