Indian mountaineer Satyarup Siddhanta creates world record

Indian mountaineer Satyarup Siddhanta creates world record

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New Delhi/ Kolkata, Jan 16 : Indian mountaineer Satyarup Siddhanta on Wednesday created a new world record by becoming the youngest in the world to complete both seven summits and seven volcanic summits.

He achieved the feat when he scaled Mt Sidley in Antarctica. Not only the youngest, has Satyarup, a Bengali, also the first Indian to complete seven summits along with seven volcanic summits.

‘Fluttered the India flag at Sidley what a proud moment,' Satyarup tweeted. Siddhanta has surpassed Australian mountaineer Daniel Bull who earlier made a record at the age of 36 years, 157 days.

Being a person with an asthmatic ailment, it was never easy for Siddhanta to scale the mountains or outperform in sports.

Though he made his will power very strong but the biggest challenge that he faced was arranging the fund for such expensive expeditions. Despite facing so many difficulties, he kept going. He even resorted to crowd funding, took personal loans and auctioned his summit mementos to make his dream come true.

During the process of scaling the last Mt Sidley mountain, he faced many biggest challenges such as unpredictable wind which is infamous for hurricanic effect and even minus 40-degree Celsius.

The summits scaled by Satyarup are Mt Kilimanjaro (Africa), Mt Elbrus (Europe), Mt Aconcagua (South America) , Mt Denali (North America), Mt Mont Blanc (Western Europe), Mt Kosciuszko (Australia), Mt Everest (Asia), Mt Carstenz (Oceania) and Mt Vinson Massif (Antarctica).

The seven volcanic summits which he has scaled are Mt. Kilimanjaro (Africa), Mt. Elbrus (Europe), Mt. Ojos Del Salado (South America), Mt. Damavand (Asia), Mt. Giluwe (Oceania), Mount Pico de Orizaba (North America) and Mount Sidley (Antarctica). (UNI)