Youth must understand rich and diverse traditions ingrained in Indian festivals: Venkaiah

Youth must understand rich and diverse traditions ingrained in Indian festivals: Venkaiah

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Hyderabad, Jan 13: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu urged the younger generation to understand the rich and diverse traditions ingrained in Indian festivals and called for protecting, promoting and enriching our exceptional culture and folk art forms.

Speaking after inaugurating the fourth International Kite Festival and Second International Sweet Festival at Parade Grounds in Secunderabad on Sunday, he said that festivals are occasions for social bonding and inculcate a spirit of communal harmony and national integrity.

“They symbolise renewal, rejuvenation and revival of our traditions and heritage and bring in the sense of togetherness, unity, love and brotherhood in today’s fast-paced world”.

“We witness the coming together of families and communities during such festivals. They are also occasions for social bonding”, he said.

Calling 'Makar Sankranthi', which is a harvest festival, a celebration of life and vitality, the Vice President said the important festival holds great historical and religious significance. It is the festival of Sun God who is often regarded as the symbol divinity and wisdom. Those who celebrate this occasion of thanksgiving and merry-making revel in anticipation and joy, Mr Venkaiah said.

The Vice President also tried his hand at kite flying for a few moments.

Mr Naidu said the fascination associated with the kite flying transcends age, class, and community. Flying kites is tremendous experience, he added.

Observing that kite-making was an art form, the Vice President said that it requires skill, precision, devotion and inventiveness.

Saying that India’s tremendous diversity and plurality made it home to several colourful festivals, he stressed the need to understand the meaning and values associated with festivals. They also have deep ties to nature.

Referring to the display of 1200 sweets from different countries at the Sweet Festival, he observed that sweets symbolize the sweet happenings in life and hold a place of great prominence in Indian culinary tradition, Mr Naidu said that they symbolize prosperity, joy and abundance and lend great flavour to celebrations.

As many as 42 professional kite flyers from abroad and 60 from India are participating in the Kite Festival.

Telangana Home Minister Mohammed Mahmood Ali, Telanagana Government’s Special Representative in Delhi, S.Venugopalachary, Telangana Legislative Council Chairman, Swamy Goud, World Cultural Tourism Association President, General Officer Commanding, Telangana and Andhra Pradesh Sub-Area, Major General, Srinivas Rao attended the function. (UNI)