Army Chief vouches for AI in armed forces

Army Chief vouches for AI in armed forces

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New Delhi, Jan 11: Stating that the next revolution in military system would be defined by technology and innovations, Indian Army Chief Gen Bipin Rawat on Friday said vouched for incorporation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in armed forces after some of India’s adversaries spending huge money on such technology.

Addressing the Army Technology Seminar 2019 here, Gen Rawat said, “We have identified technologies that need to be incorporated but what we now need to address is how we can incorporate artificial intelligence and big data analysis in our system. We cannot leave these and confine to our glossary of military terms.”

He also added that the issue must be addressed in significant manner and also identified what aspects of artificial intelligence “we need to incorporate as support so that they can support our systems and thus improve our future over fighting capabilities. This is where we are looking for. This is where I think we need the support of the industry.”

Expressing concern over current status of AI here, the army chief said, “As of now what I feel, there is haziness around the concept of artificial intelligence and big data analysis. If we do not work start now, it will be too late because countries around the world including some of our adversaries have moved well forward on this.”

He further added that “our adversaries are spending huge money on this aspect.”

Acknowledging the fact that the technology could disrupt the balance of powers globally, Minster of State for Defence Shubhash Rao Bhamre said leveraging of technology would be a "key determinant" in future warfare.

“Technology development has both challenges and opportunities, and it is heralding a possibility of quantum leap in the nature of waging of war. Technologies which were till yesterday only in the realms of science fiction could cause catastrophe tomorrow or even disrupt the international balance of powers," said the minister.

He also said that big data analytics, Internet of Things and AI will have major impact on way wars will be fought in future.

Mr Bhamre said the government stood committed to Army's quest for modernization through optimum use of technology.

Defence Production Secretary Ajay Kumar talked about partnering with the industry to develop AI-based products for the armed forces.

He also said exports in defence sector have grown very impressively in the last three years. (UNI)