Amartya Sen Slams intolerance of the Modi government

Amartya Sen Slams intolerance of the Modi government

Agency News

Nobel laureate Dr Amartya Sen has slammed the ‘renaming’ craze of the NDA government asking the government why not rename ‘Science’.

He also suggested the renaming of two things -- the "science" that claims Kauravas were test-tube babies, and Nalanda, the university which no longer conforms to the Buddhist ideals. He was speaking to NDTV after a seminar at Asiatic Society in Kolkata.

Suporting the opinions of actor Naseerudhin Shah, Amartya Sen said that every human being has the right to an opinion, a right to express and resist what he thinks is wrong.

On Nalanda University, which Dr Sen quit as its chancellor back in February 2015 after differences with the BJP-led government at the centre, Dr Sen said, "Nalanda is a prime educational institute in India and a Buddhist foundation. But Nalanda is not functioning today in conformity with heritage."

"RSS is dominant, the number of students has declined. We had 100 students join every year. Now that number is less than 20 students a year. People wanted something about international understanding and science and the open-minded Buddhist heritage that India has. But Nalanda is being governed in a very different way," Dr Sen said.