BJP conspiring to ‘eliminate’ democracy in country: Yashwant Sinha

BJP conspiring to ‘eliminate’ democracy in country: Yashwant Sinha

Agency News

Sultanpur, Dec 23: Former Union Finance Minister Yashwant Sinha on Sunday said that Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) was ‘trying’ to eliminate democracy in the country.

Addressing a gathering here at a programme organised in memory of freedom fighter Khudiram Bose, Mr Sinha alleged, “at first BJP strategically eliminated democracy in the party and now they want to eliminate democracy from society and country”.

Terming Prime Minister Narendra Modi as ‘Duryodhan’ and BJP president Amit Shah as ‘Dushshasan’, he alleged, “when we discuss Mahabharat, these two characters represents whole wrong side, the side of Kauravas.”

Mr Sinha, who is also the former BJP leader, asserted asked every citizen of the country to take an oath to ‘save’ democracy. “We have done it in 1977 and will do it again when time calls for it,” he claimed.

Former Finance minister said that public is supreme power in the country, and added “its time to show our strength”. (UNI)