Venkaiah Naidu 
Venkaiah Naidu 

Naidu asks MPs to be people’s voice

Agency News

New Delhi, Dec 20: Vice President M Venkaiah Naidu has said people’s representatives i e MPs must raise voice of the people in legislatures and asked political parties to prescribe a code of conduct for them.

India, he said, needed leaders who understood the growing aspirations of the youth and spoke their language. Disrupting legislature and wasting precious time would do no good except making headlines of the newspapers, he added.

Interacting with members of Student Legislative Council of IIT Madras, Naidu said public representatives must be receptive to the sufferings of the poor and downtrodden.

He also stressed upon the need to have constructive debates on what more needed to be done to strengthen democracy in India and called upon students to be the vanguards of the movement by actively participating in the initiative to make India a strong nation.

Naidu said universities or institutions of higher learning must play a meaningful role in establishing links between society, politics, economy, culture, science and industry.

‘Our education system must move from examination or degree awarding mode to knowledge-creation mode,’he said, an official statement here said.

Commenting that the democratic and constitutional values of India act as pillars of the developmental process, the Vice President opined that the Constitution embodied the ideals and aspirations of the people of India.

He asked premier institutions such as the IITs to encourage students to interact with people in rural areas to understand life in villages. It will also help students to develop empathy and compassion and eventually make them better human beings, he added. (UNI)