Kisan Cong to protest against BJP for not waving off farmers’ loan across nation

Kisan Cong to protest against BJP for not waving off farmers’ loan across nation

Agency News

New Delhi, Dec 20: The All India Kisan Congress will protest against BJP for not waiving off the farmers’ loan as promised by Prime Minister Narendra Modi in 2014 election campaign.

Addressing a press conference at Congress headquarters on Thursday, the Kisan Congress Chairman Nana Patole said that Kisan Congress will start holding protests in BJP ruled states as the present Government, both at Centre and states have not taking any initiative in last four and half years to waive off the loan.

“We will hold a massive Protest rally in Delhi by the end of February and our Congress president Rahul Gandhi Ji will address the gathering to expose the anti- farmers Government”, Mr Patole told UNI.

He also thanked the Congress president and newly appointed Chief Ministers and Deputy Chief Minister of the newly elected Congress Governments in three states for waiving off the farm loans as promised in the party's election manifesto.

Answering a question,Mr Patole said that it is true that loan waiving is not the final solution for improving the farmer’s condition but need of the hour is to get them out from that debt and we will force this sleeping Government to initiative to make farming as profitable one.

“Two days ago, our president has assured the farmers of our nation that until and unless the Government waive off all loans of the farmers, he will not let PM Modi to rest”, he said.

Responding to a question that Modi Government is now also taking steps in this regard, he said that the Modi Government was sleeping for the last four and half years and when they lost three states, they are getting active. Even NITI Aayog is opposing waiving of the loan which indicates the Government's approach.

He informed that the All India Kisan Congress also passed a resolution supporting Congress president’s stand and statement and all office bearers of Kisan Congress will fight for all India Farmers loan waiver. (UNI)