RS adjourned sine die after three-week Monsoon session

RS adjourned sine die after three-week Monsoon session

Agency News

New Delhi, Dec 10: The Rajya Sabha was on Friday adjourned Sine die after a nearly three week long Monsoon session with Chairman M Venkaiah Naidu, describing it as a 'highly productive' session, which was three times more productive than the Budget session.

'Before the start of this session, the media prediction of this session had been that it would also be a washout, with the election fever setting in. 'I am glad that for once, the media has been proved wrong. Just like a productive South West monsoon, the Monsoon session also brought good tidings by making a break from the last two sessions, much to the delight of all those who have a stake in our Parliamentary Democracy.

'With productivity of nearly 74 per cent measured in terms of the functional time, this session proved to be three time more productive than the last Budget session, whose productivity was only about 25 per cent. This is a remarkable improvement and the credit goes to all of you,' the Chairman said in his valedictory remarks.

'House has proved a performing Parliament can deliver on its mandate,' the Chairman said. He later called for playing Vande Mataram and thereafter, declared the House adjourned sine die. 'The House stands adjourned sine die,' the Chairman said. (UNI)